Android, PC and Java Apps

Rdex Cardfile Database App

Rdex: A Simple Personal Information Manager

Rdex is a free form, cardfile database designed for easy data storage and retrieval. Use it to store addresses, phone numbers, online logins, recipes, or anything you might need to find again. Searching is simple, just type a word into the search box to find every card containing that word. Designed for simplicity, Rdex requires no dialogs, no fancy fonts, no typing into multiple fields, just copy-and-paste or type into a new card and you are done. Rdex is available for PC, Java and Android.

Keyring for Android Secure Password Storage

Palm Keyring: A Simple Password Safe

Palm Keyring for Android will read and write database files produced by the Java application KeyringEditor. It uses the same file format as the original Keyring for Palm OS application. It lets you securely store secret information on your Android device. Use it to store passwords, online logins, account numbers or anything you want to store securely. Together with KeyringEditor and Dropbox, it offers secure storage and synchronization accessible from an Android device or any PC, mac or Linux machine.