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In Search of the All-IP Mobile Network
IEEE Communications Magazine, 42(12),
Dec. 2004, pp. S3-S8.
An exploration of the use of IP within the cellular mobile wireless network. Abstract.
Anatomy of a Gigabit Router
A simple guide to the insides of a high-speed router, including the parts we don't mention in public, and the parts we mention but don't understand. Published in the Jeffries Letter, June 1998.
IP Switching: ATM Under IP
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 6(2),
April 1998, pp. 117-129.
An extended version of the Infocom96 paper with additional simulation results and extended discussion of related work. [pdf]  Abstract.
IP Switching and Gigabit Routers
IEEE Communications Magazine, Jan. 1997.
Compares and contrasts IP switching and high-speed routers and gives an overview of the IP switching protocols: IFMP (rfc1953) and GSMP (rfc1987). Abstract.
Integration of Rate and Credit Schemes for ATM Flow Control
IEEE Network. Mag. Mar. 1995 pp 49-56.
Discussion of a method of integrating both rate and credit flow control in an ATM network.
Traffic Management for ATM Local Area Networks
IEEE Commun. Mag. Aug. 1994 pp 44-50.
Tutorial and discussion including credit, rate and BECN (from before the ATM Forum selected the rate approach).
ATM Local Area Networks
IEEE Commun. Mag. Mar. 1994 pp 86-98.
Discussion of how to serve datagram traffic in an ATM LAN including LAN emulation (prior to the ATM Forum standard).
Backward Explicit Congestion Notification for ATM Local Area Networks
Proc. IEEE Globecom, Houston, Dec. 1993, pp 719-723.
Simulation results from a simple traffic management flow control scheme for an ATM LAN.
ATM Technology for Corporate Networks
IEEE Commun. Mag. Apr. 1992 pp 90-101.
Tutorial on ATM switch design, includes classification of switch design and 79 references to the better examples in each class.
A Slotted Ring Copy Fabric for a Multicast Fast Packet Switch
Proc. XIII Int. Switching Symp. (ISS '90), Stockholm, May 1990, Vol. 5, 205-210.
Fast Packet Switching for Broadband ISDN
Proc. IEE Second National Conf. on Telecomm., York, UK, Apr. 1989, 391-396.
Fast Packet Switching for Integrated Services
PhD Thesis, Technical Report 165, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Mar. 1989. [pdf 1.2MB]
A Fast Packet Switch for the Integrated Services Backbone Network
IEEE J. Selected Areas in Commun., 6 (9), Dec. 1988, 1468-1478.
A Broadband Packet Switch for Multiservice Communications
Proc. IEEE Infocom '88, New Orleans, Mar. 1988, 19-28.
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