Fast Packet Switching for Integrated Services

PhD Thesis
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
March 1989

Entire thesis 141 pages [pdf 1.2MB]

Preface [pdf 96KB]

Chapter 1: Introduction [pdf 95KB]

Chapter 2: Statistical Switching Mechanisms [pdf 126KB]

Chapter 3: Fast Packet Switch Architecture [pdf 177KB]

Chapter 4: Multi-Stage Interconnection Networks [pdf 164KB]

Chapter 5: Design of the Cambridge Fast Packet Switch [pdf 281KB]

Chapter 6: Switch Fabric Performance [pdf 190KB]

Chapter 7: Performance for Multi-Service Traffic [pdf 170KB]

Chapter 8: Implementation of the Fast Packet Switch [pdf 156KB]

Chapter 9: Conclusion [pdf 108KB]

Appendix [pdf 59KB]

References [pdf 83KB]