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Application Outsourcing: The Next Big Thing on the Internet
Berkeley Multimedia, Graphics, and Interfaces Seminar, Nov 1999.
[pdf 1.8 MB]
Layer 2/3 Switching
COMNET, Washington D.C., Jan 1998. [pdf 360 KB]
GSMP: Quality of Service Strikes Back
Panel session on: "Quality of Service Extentions to GSMP," Opensig Fall Workshop, Columbia University, Oct. 1997. [pdf 154 KB]
IP+ATM: If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them
Keynote speech for the third IEEE ATM Workshop, Lisbon Portugal, May 1997. Revised Oct. 1997. [pdf 1.3 MB] Abstract.
IP Switching and Gigabit Routers
Networld+Interop, Las Vegas, May 1997. Presentation based on IEEE Communications Mag. paper. Revised Oct. 1997. [pdf 1.6 MB]
IP Switching: The Marriage of ATM Hardware and IP Control
Stanford Distributed Systems Seminar, April 1997. [pdf 1.3 MB]
Earlier versions presented at IEEE Hot Interconnects IV, Stanford, August 1996; IEEE Infocom, San Francisco, March 1996; and at Networld+Interop, April 1996.
Routing vs. Switching
IEEE Infocom, Kobe, Japan, April 1997. [pdf 853 KB]
Quality of Service Enhancements to the General Switch Management Protocol (GSMP)
Sprint Applied Networking Research Symposium, Kansas, March 1997. [pdf 447 KB]
IP Switching: Well Who's Interested in LANs Anymore?
Keynote speech for the 21st Local Computer Networks Conference, Minneapolis, October 1996. [pdf 1.8 MB]
Position presentation for panel session, High Speed Networking in the Enterprise: which Way.
ATM: Myth, Marketing, or Virtual Reality
Harvard University Conference on the Internet & Society, May 1996. [pdf 1.4 MB] [Transcript]
Quality of Service: Is it a Waste of Time?, panel session at Multimedia Computing and Networking, February 1997. [pdf 99KB].
ABR Rate Control vs Internet Traffic Management
Next Generation Networks, November 1996. [pdf 358 KB]
A brief paper describing our Internet traffic trace protocol analysis presented at the NSF Workshop on Internet Statistics, Measurement, and Analysis, San Diego, Feb. 1996. [pdf 22 KB].
Presentation slides given at workshop. [pdf 396 KB].
Data over ATM: Standardization of Flow Control
Design SuperCon '96, Santa Clara, Jan 1996. [pdf 440K]
Keynote presentation for Design SuperCon '95, Santa Clara, March 1995. [pdf 330K]
ATM Traffic Management
Interop, Las Vegas, March 1995.
ATM Switching and Traffic Management
Tutorial, Silicon Valley Networking Conference, San Jose, Apr 1995. [pdf 480K]